Elegant Double Glazed Aluminium windows for your home or commercial property in Essex

Aluminium Windows EssexAluminium double glazing is becoming increasingly popular for use in domestic double glazing applications. This is in addition to its more well known applications in commercial double glazing applications such as shop fronts, entrance doors and foyers, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, offices and retail units.

Why choose Aluminium Double Glazing?

There are a number of reasons for the trend towards aluminium window profiles for domestic double glazing:-

Aluminium Windows – Flexible Design

The slimline profile of aluminium window allows for a wider range of glazing designs to enhance your home. Aluminium double glazing frames are very versatile and lend themselves to creating unusual and irregular double glazing shapes.

Aluminium Double Glazing – Coatings & Colours

Aluminium double glazing window systems are available in the whole range of RAL and BS colours. It is also possible to specify dual colours – giving you different colours inside and outside your house, enabling you to blend your double glazing with the colour scheme for your house. The slimline double glazing frames, flexible styling and colour range of aluminium profiles combine to deliver a very distinctive and impressive enhancement to your home.

Aluminium Windows – Secure & Strong

Aluminium double glazed windows have good thermal properties and is also very tough, secure, long lasting and weather resistant. Aluminium double glazing frames have high structural strength. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of aluminium it curtain walling, industrial units and other commercial double glazing applications.