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Residence 9 Windows in Essex – is a new Window System, available for sale from Home County Windows in Essex. The design replicates the features of a 19th Century Flush sash timber window. It can be welded or mechanically jointed and can accommodate 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing. It can also accommodate modern hardware, keeps will be available to suit the Trojan range of shootbolts and espags.

Available on a through colour base PVC material, the product is only available in heritage foil colours (timber windows were always painted and never stained). The “easy clean” rebates are also foiled meaning that you can sell a high end colour solution that looks great whether the window is open or closed. A comprehensive range of ancillaries are available including couplers, bays, packers, fixing lugs and corner protectors.

Features & Benefits

  • Nine chambers – To Create great strength and thermal efficiency in the window.
  • 100mm outer frame – Just like traditional timber windows.
  • Mechanically jointed outer frame – Giving a traditional looking join and finish to the window.
  • Flush fit sash – Aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the traditional look of the window.
  • Choice of colours – Available in 8 foil colour finishes from standard white and cream, to Oaks, greys and greens.
  • Traditional Hardware – Monkey tail handles and matching traditional hardware to finish the look of the window.
  • Colour through the substrate- Colour foiling throughout means the window looks great whether it is open or closed.
  • 2 Glazing options – Available in either double or triple glazing.
  • Maximum Energy Efficiency – 0.8 window ‘U’ value can be easily achieved.